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  1. The Myth of Sisyphus is a philosophical essay by Albert Camus. It comprises about pages and was published originally in in French as Le Mythe de Sisyphe; .
  2. The Absurdist Explains: What is: Absurdism? History Albert Camus (pictured above) is generally regarded as the father of modern Absurdism, expanding on, or rejecting the notion of absurdity confronted by Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and his existentialist philosophy.
  3. If we take the World as absurd - without any meaning or end result, and believe in no such thing as God or afterlife (taking Camus' stance in Myth of Sisyphus), why should anyone, fundamentally, care.
  4. Jan 02,  · The absurdist theme communicates the fact that there is no real purpose for the tramps’ existence. Absurdism is a sub-set of the philosophy of existentialism. Existentialism suggests that human experience cannot be entirely understood by pure reason but requires certain “leaps” of faith.
  5. Then read The Rebel; it's a great continuation of absurdist philosophy, except it focuses more on revolutionary history through an absurdist lens. It's a great application of everything covered in The Myth .
  6. The Myth of Sisyphus can be read as an attempt to clarify and to make explicit the worldview expressed in The Stranger, and The Stranger can be read as an example of the absurd hero and the absurd fiction described in The Myth of Sisyphus. The Stranger tells the story of Meursault, who lives for the sensual pleasures of the present moment, free.
  7. Description: This is a subreddit dedicated to the aggregation and discussion of articles and miscellaneous content regarding absurdist philosophy and tangential topics. Subreddit Rules: The staff generally maintains a fairly laissez-faire approach, but a limited set of ground rules does apply: No spam or undisclosed self-promotion. No adult content unless properly justified.
  8. Arguably, the most comprehensive essay on the absurd is The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus, the French philosopher and Nobel Prize winner. Camus's intention was to analyze the feelings, notions and consequences of the absurd in order to provide readers with a practical working definition of the term.

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